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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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northwest. how are residents taking this news? >> reporter: some are still finding out, but those who were told today say they were taken completely off guard. the fear here is that the disruption this will cost to the lives of some these elderly residents may just be too much for them to handle. >> it's personally devastating to have to figure out what to do with your loved one. >> reporter: mary mason's mother has lived at the washington home in northwest for seven years, but as of december 2016, her mother and the other 28 residents have to find somewhere else to live. the home has been sold. ceo tim cox said the board of directors' decision to sell was more than a simple business move. >> it is really about end of care philosophy and being able to serve many more people than we can currently serve. >> reporter: cox explained the home is responding to demand as more and more people choose to stay in their homes during the last year of their lives. mason who is co-chair of the
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council that accord a flats between the board and residents was -- coordinates between the board and residents was not happy they weren't consulted. cox insists the sale will allow them to service more people and expand services. he adds residents will not experience any immediate changes to care. >> we will work on a transition plan with each one of them and their families. we realize this is very traumatic. >> forcing that on these displaced residents by a nonprofit is really unconscionable. >> reporter: right now in a closed door meeting just inside the board of directors is explaining all of this to the residents. some of those residents are just finding out right now as we speak. we hope to speak to some of them after that meeting is done, mola lenghi, wusa9. >> the residents family council said they will reach out to the mayor's office and d.c. city
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council for help. we're told the sidwell friends school will use that property to consolidate campuses. most of the presidential candidates are taking the day off from the campaign trail to prepare for wednesday night's debate. they have to be ready to respond to whatever foreign policy questions come their way and kneel also have to decide when and -- they'll also have to decide when and how to attack the gop frontrunner, donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump's appeal was on full display in texas monday as he drew a crowd of nearly 15,000 to the american airlines center. >> nobody is going to be able to do the job that i'm going to do, nobody. they won't. >> reporter: trump is still atop the latest cbs news pop, but he has a new challenge -- poll, but he has a new challenger. dr. ben carson jumped from 6% to 23. the rest of the competition is pulling single digits. the good news for the rest of the field is that only 37% of republican voters say they have made up their mind about who to
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support leaving trump open to attacks at wednesday night's debate. >> i mary they're all going after me. whatever, whatever. no, i hear it. >> reporter: one conservative group is definitely going after trump. >> we've realized for several weeks that trump wasn't going away and so we decided we needed to do something. >> reporter: club for growth, an anti-tax group, unveiled a new ad campaign that plans to begin airing in early voting states. >> but he has a record and it's very liberal. >> reporter: the ads will begin airing in iowa this week. weigia jiang, cbs news, washington. >> donald trump tweeted a response to the club for growth ad saying the group tried to hit him up for a million dollars and then decided to spend lobbyist money to attack him after he said no. in south carolina voters have been heading to the polls to choose a candidate in a democratic primary runoff for the seat former held by the state senator clemente pinkney,
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one of the nine people shot last june at mother emanuel where he was pastor. u.s. customs and border patrol have taken 11 illegal migrants into custody giving them food and fresh water. at this point their nationality isn't known, but if they are from cuba, they may be allowed to stay in the u.s. legally because of the 1966 cuban adjustment act. of course, the migrants making their way across europe are not as lucky. police arrested dozens of migrants who had to get over a razor wire fence to get into the country. five people are let in at a time and not very often. yesterday more than 9,000 came into the country before the government slammed the doors shut. those who made it aboard the last train were elated. >> it's mercy from god. >> reporter: do you feel like you got lucky? >> i am very lucky.
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>> hungarian authorities say they're also making plans to build a fence along romania's border to keep migrants out. the tasing and death of a mentally ill woman at the fairfax county jail sheds a huge light on a problem in this area and across the country, how to treat people with mental illness that wind up in jail. >> peggy fox has news of progress. tell us more. >> reporter: there are about 350,000 people with mental illness in jails across the country. here at the fairfax county detention center there are roughly 1,000 inmates. about 400 of them either have mental illness or some sort of addiction problem according to the sheriff and one of them brought the problem to the fore and now it appears things are about to change. behind these high security doors are rooms designed to calm. it's a place that should prevent this.
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>> if you resist, we're going to use a taser on you. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies tased natosha mckenna, a severely mentally ill woman four times. she fought back and then died of cardiac arrest. >> she was mentally ill, mental ill people shouldn't be in jail. >> reporter: retired brigadier general jerry ambrose heads up the first initiative which is on track to divert mentally ill people from jail to this brand- new specially designed building in merrifield. a police officer and deputy are to be staffed here to take custody of the individuals brought in. then mental healthcare workers and counselors will assess their conditions as they relax in these calming rooms. >> it's going to make a huge, huge difference in the lives of those we serve. >> reporter: it can also save money. ambrose led a fairfax group to san antonio where a diversion program has saved $10 million.
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>> about 4 million are the savings realized by local emergency rooms who now don't have to handle mentally ill people that the police bring in. >> reporter: ambrose took on the leadership role because of his son brad who suffered with skits friend ya for 17 -- schizophrenia for 17 years and took his own life last year. >> he kind of knew from firsthand experience what needed to be done and he would have been proud. >> reporter: ambrose says what happened to natosha mckenna was tragic. it brought urgency to a longstanding problem. the bug -- bulk of that $10 million saved was $5 million that came from a reduction in the cost of housing people in jail. fairfax county's diversion first program is scheduled to open january 1st. lesli? >> peg, thank you. and a meeting of the diversion first initiative is going on tonight at the fairfax county
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government center. it begins at 7:00 in rooms 2 and 3. today maryland governor larry hogan announced he's reducing or eliminating 100 different fees across state government touching on everything from vehicle emissions testing to id cards for homeless people. with the previously announced elimination of e-z pass maintenance fees, hogan says the cuts will save maryland residents some $51 million over five years. he says services to residents and businesses will not be interrupted. >> by allowing marylanders to keep more of their hard earned money rather than sending it to bureaucrats in annapolis they will have a chance to put those dollars back into our state's economy. >> governor hogan says he's just getting started. he wants to cut other fees but says he'll need help from state lawmakers. in the bling of an eye a family's life -- blink of an eye a family's life is destroyed all because of the need for speed, coming up a
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widow who says her life will never be the same. >> a gorgeous evening, another cool night as well. here are the temperatures we're forecasting, 55 tonight in forecasting, 55 tonight in gaithersburg, 52 in frederick,
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talk about dangerous, two drivers decide to center a
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street race through a beverly hills -- to have a street race through a beverly hills neighborhood sunday morning going well over 100 miles an hour blowing through traffic signals nearly hitting cars. police say these men are from qatar and have diplomatic immunity, so nobody was charged, but police are working with the state department to investigate why that happened and who would think to do something crazy like that. >> how about a little common sense. the speed demon who did something similar struck and killed a man will face charges once police finally catch up with him. >> a camera at a los angeles intersection caught what happened. the driver of a black mustang plows into a car driven by julio lopez. the trash killed the 46 -- the crash killed the 46-year-old father of two. his wife hopes he comes forward. >> i still can't believe he's gone. i will miss you. i will always miss you. your kids will miss you dearly. >> police say the drive will
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face homicide charges if he's ever caught. witnesses say two other teenagers were in the speeding car. they say one of them actually videotaped the race and crash. good night to turn off the ac
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when he comes to washington next week, pope francis is going to be visiting the poor. >> as nikki burdine reports, this meeting will be happening over lunch at catholic charities. >> reporter: tracy douglas joins a growing crowd of the city's homeless in front of catholic charities. >> they don't serve good food, might have burnt beans, burnt rice. >> reporter: catholic charities prepares a nutritious dinner every wednesday through their st. maria's meal program. >> everybody is just really happy to be here and to eat together. >> reporter: monsignor john ensler heads catholic charities and blesses the food before the start of the meal. >> thanks today for the gift of those who come to share a meal. >> reporter: when pope francis visits, he'll also give his blessing to a meal on this very same street. >> he's coming and speaking to us? he's a pretty important guy. he's going to speak to us.
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they feel really validated and appreciated and i think they receive dignity. >> the pope should come around here more often, maybe we get more help. >> reporter: douglas receives his meal prepared by sandra and her family and friends. she'll also be here when pope francis comes. >> he'll realize that we're trying here, some people, a lot of people in the u.s. are trying to do things to help the poor and to help ourselves because when you do this kind of work, you get more out of it than they do really, a lot more. >> reporter: dour consider, wusa9 -- nikki burdine wusa9. >> when the pope is at catholic charities, he will go by a bronze sculpture of jesus. monsignor ensler tells us the homeless call this statue their monument, touch it, say a prayer by it, something he homes pope francis will also do when he -- hopes pope francis
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will also do when he comes to visit. >> only the federal government provides more social services in this country than catholic charities. what do you call a nun who sleep walks, roaming catholic?, the brainchild of father andrew small, and make a donation to one of three charities. >> they're always asking for money. why don't you donate a piece of humor to the holy father's charity and that's a bit more of an offbeat way of getting to know what the church is doing around the world. >> comedian bill murray is leading the panel to choose the best joke. the winner will have $10,000 donated to their favorite charity and be given the title honorary comedic adviser to the pope.
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>> does he need a look? >> check out the special section of our wusa9 app to see where the pope will be and when. you'll find traffic information, a schedule and list of items you can't bring along if you plan on attending any of the historic events. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i tell you what. the holy father would be happy if you could give us this weather next week. >> i know. well, i'm looking ahead. it's hard to duplicate this perfectly, my goodness. it's perfect, cool at night, warm during the day, not a cloud in the sky. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. we went 83 today for the 3- degree guarantee, let you know how that worked out at 11:00. right now we're 82, relative humidity only 34%, so a very dry air mass. it cools off quickly, warms up quickly, just a delightful week. tonight open the windows again, not as chilly as last night.
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bus stop temperatures 52 to 70. dulles was 48 this morning and yesterday morning, probably not quite in the upper 40s tonight, low 50s. a wonderful wednesday and still nice thursday, not humid, a little warmer but still just absolutely beautiful. so on the futurecast 10:00 tonight 63 in gaithersburg, 61 in frederick. if you remember yesterday at this time by 10:00, there were some upper 50s. so temps are going to fall tonight but not as fast as they did yesterday. 64 in la plata by 10:00 and 63 in manassas all under clear skies. now by morning we're looking at mid-50s around the beltway, but i think 52 is more likely out toward frederick. look at that, just updated to 53, 56 in leesburg, gaithersburg and 63 downtown. then by midmorning we're approaching 70 downtown, 60s elsewhere and then by lunchtime just fantastic, low to mid-80s and very low humidity, tough to beat. even 80 in hagerstown,
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cumberland, 82 in romney, 81 in la plata and also in bowie. by 6 p.m. we're still in the low 80s with sunshine and by 10:30 temps will not fall quite as quickly tomorrow nighttime as tonight but still comfortable. -- night as tonight but still comfortable, 65 in gaithersburg, bowie and manassas by 10:00 tomorrow night. so tonight clear skies, still rather cool, open the windows again, 52 to about 64 with light wind. so on the day planner temperatures near 80 by 11:00 and low 80s by 1:00, just spectacular. really we're going to keep it going, beautiful on thursday, mid-80s, still great friday, mid-80s as well. next seven days got a cold front coming through late saturday night, don't worry about it at this point. it's going to be rather warm for the terps game but then coolday,er sunmonday and tuesday for the game at fedex and for the nats. let's get to some breaking news from virginia where we have just learned jesse matthew has been indicted in the murder
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of morgan harrington. now matthew is, of course, the man charged in the murder of uva student hannah graham. herring ton was the virginia tech student that disappeared following a concert -- harrington was the virginia tech student that disappeared following a concert in charlottesville. if he's convicted, he faces life in
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the burgundy and gold have been busy the last couple days
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shuffling the roster trying to figure out how to fill some holes by injuries and signed veteran quarterback will blackmon. they created a roster spot for him by placing safety duke ihenacho on injured reserve. they have no safeties on their practice squad. coach gruden says the remaining players will have to fill the void. >> we have three other guys in place there that are capable to step up and play and one of them will. looks like it could be trent, could be jerome. all four of them will probably play. >> so when a team loses, especially this team, it's easy to focus on the loss and not the positive, but there is plenty of good to be taken from their loss to miami. one of the biggest is the performance of the offensive line. yes, bruce, there are positives. many eyes are on the right tackle morgan moses and rookie right guard brandon scherff who
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had to defend against one of the best defensive ends in the league ndamukong suh. scherff stood tall holding suh. >> for those guys to go out and perform in their first game together on the right side against cameron, wake and suh, i was impressed. it's going to have to continue to get better. we expect a very good front this week and it's going to be another great challenge for them. there is the changing of the guard in college park. we reported the terrapins are benching quarterback terry hills and promoting caleb roe. hills beat out two others to win the starting job to lose it two games into the season. now it's up to the redshirt junior to get the terps back in the win column when they host south florida saturday. this is roe's fourth college start and his first since 2013. after struggling in the past and dealing with injuries, coach randy edsall is convinced zero as they call him is prepared for this opportunity.
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>> we want caleb to play approximately. i think he's a little better now than -- play well. i think he's a little better now than he was in camp physically and mentally. >> basically we give all our best first. so now we're going to see how all that is going to click together saturday. >> we'll see how they can bounce back. i know all you want is a win, just a win. right? >> my problem is i remember all the super bowl teams. i just got to let all that stuff go. >> you got to move on. stay positive. >> that's wusa9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> and we'll be back with your your only local news at 7:00. come on back. >> they're like what do you
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